Dissemination of solar home systems (SHS)

publicizing of “Electricity from Sunlight”, a guide book on
   autonomous solar energy supply for houses and buildings
publicizing of an international product information folder on SHS
consultancy for the SHS dissemination programme of GTZ in Senegal
consultancy for the SHS dissemination programme of GTZ in the Philippines
planning and management of an SHS dissemination programme in Peru
planning and evaluation of a international field test on solar lamps

Energy concept for a company headquarter, Nigeria

new office complex in Abuja of Julius Berger PLN
1,2 MW chiller for the cold supply of the building
driven by waste heat of the company owned electricty power plant
energy savings compared to electricity operation: 2.000.000 kWh/year
concept for a 150 kW solar power plant
designed for autonomous electricity supply of the central building

Marketing strategies for photovoltaics, Philippines

market analysis for photovoltaic systems in urban and rural areas
evaluation of public and private dissemination strategies
development of marketing strategies for business expansion
including financing, service requirements, political support measures

Energy efficiency and renewable energies, Pakistan

contributions to national strategies and implementation concepts
preparation of a national awareness campaign on energy efficiency
outline of a solar law on mandatory installation of solar systems
capacity building of public and private sector stakeholders

Studies and reports on energy system implementation

studies on the technical and financial viability of photovoltaic pumping systems
state of knowledge report on the utilization of windpumps in developing countries
policy study on decentralized rural energy supply
feasibility study on using micro-hydro power plants for DC generation
project planning and evaluation reports on renewable energies for Argentina,
   Benin, China, Ghana, Liberia, Somalia a.o.